VR mode opens to current pano

Starting today, the VR button click from a tour will open the VR mode with the pano you are currently viewing. Earlier it defaulted to the starting pano of the tour.

More settings made FREE to use.

Starting today you can customize 13 out of the 22 settings even on FREE tours. Till now such modifications were possible only on PAID tours. To learn more please take a moment to watch this video. https://www.useloom.com/share/8ba95ce2fcc44f18902eeb2728f70c55

Enhanced Loading Screen Design

A new simple and elegant design for loading screen of every tour. Important changes are

  1. You can add a logo image (gif, png, svg, webp...) to the loading screen
  2. Loading screen is very responsive to different devices and IFRAME sizes
  3. Click to enter setting is de-classified as a simple editor checkbox. https://www.facebook.com/groups/walkinto/permalink/1227743280686846/

New Design - Social Media Thumbnails

Updated the thumbnail design to create clearer and more consistent social media thumbnails for different types of panorama types.

PanoHost merged with Walkinto.

Integrated all panohost features and subscription management to WalkInto dashboard. Now, stitched panos can be uploaded directly through WalkInto dashboard. No need to use WalkInto tiler if you are using this feature.

Improvements to Auto rotation and Zoom

  1. On mobile devices with motion sensor Auto rotation will be disabled while motion sensor is active.
  2. Disable Zoom setting will disable double click zoom + scroll wheel zoom. This is in addition to hiding of zoom controls (+/-)

Embed.ly support of WalkInto

We are excited to announce the provider status with Embed.ly. Embedly is a standardized media embedding tool set that help you incorporate rich content into blog posts and different publishing platforms. With the release today, you can use any WalkInto tour URL with Embed.ly. http://embed.ly/provider/walkinto

New tools for Renewal Management

  • Easily Filter tours based on subscription expiry.
  • One click purchase & queuing of renewals.
  • Easy 'Free-UP' options for queued subscriptions.
  • Renewal email notification preferences.
Video Demo :


Short URLs for Scene Links

Use the blue icon next to scene link to shorten an URL. All Social share links are also automatically shortened. Available on Editor and Viewer.

Performance improvements

- Dead center positioning of hotspot icons.

- Removed hotspot wobble during panning.

- Adjustments to make label hotspot text easily readable.

- Simplified active state animation for Scene Hotspots.

- Refactor of homepage to move up testimonials section.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely WalkInto will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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